"We think happiness is what we get when attachment gets what it wants. Buddha says happiness is what we get when we give up attachment."

Ven. Robina

Lama Yeshe

Lama Zopa Rinpoche

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Postcard 71 from Robina, Borobodur, June 29, 2016

From Auckland in New Zealand I flew to Sydney and then drove on Thursday June 9, with my sister Jan, the two hours west to the Blue Mountains for our weekend course at Kunsang Yeshe Centre.



Postcard 70 from Robina: Dunedin, June 5, 2016

I flew to Auckland on Friday, May 20. It’s less than three hours from Sydney. New Zealand! I haven’t been here for 10 years, perhaps longer. I like this place. It’s small, for a start – less than the population of Melbourne, which is 5 million or so. Some nice cities, and plenty of bush for the nature-lovers. It seems pristine....


AUGUST 9: MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA (Buddhist Society of Victoria)

AUGUST 12–14: BANGKOK, THAILAND (Bangkok Shambhala Meditation Group)

SEPTEMBER 8–11 PUNE, INDIA (Dhamma Kranti Buddha Sangha)